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Lambo Kids Car Bed Assembly Instructions

Fix 16 Screws on each corners , if this assembly instruction not followed we can't claim the warranty if in case of failures. Have to pay for the replacements spare parts.


Measure the Height for the pre-drill center holes from the Bottom. Mark the height for the holes on the Right side and left side of the wheels as per picture. Then use the Cross support bar to mark the Pre hole location. Then drill the Pilot holes


Once Make the pilot hole on the Both left and right side of the Lambo Car bed frames. Install the Cross support bars as per the picture. Make sure the Bars are the same Height. So that the wooden support particle board sits firmly on the bed frame.


Once the three cross support bars were installed. Then place the Particle support boards on top. Please refer to the picture. The Lambo bed frame is ready. Install the mattress and turn on the sound. The kids bed frame is ready for use.


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